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CommUNITY Gatherings

Every year, No Boundaries Coalition holds a CommUNITY Gathering, an annual event where Central West Baltimore comes together to identify important neighborhood issues, brainstorm solutions, and create action plans to implement those solutions. The CommUNITY Gathering serves as a chance for the No Boundaries Coalition to hear from a broad base of residents who may not yet be involved in the Coalition’s regular programming. It also is a chance to identify potential leaders and set the Coalition’s advocacy agenda.

Boundary Block Party

The Boundary Block Party is a signature annual event for the Coalition, and the event that brought the communities of Central West Baltimore together before the Coalition was formally launched.

The Boundary Block Party creates a positive and integrated space for residents to celebrate Central West Baltimore across the boundaries of race, class and neighborhoods. Every year, the No Boundaries block parties have included live entertainment, information about community organizations, voter registration, face painting, walking tours, public art projects, and much more. Over the years, we’ve heard music from the Todd Marcus Orchestra, Expressions of Faith Gospel Choir, Horse Lords, Booker T Middle School Choir, and PHAT to name a few. Join us for next year’s block party on the second Saturday in May. Check our news feed for up to date information.

My Block My Hood Clean Ups


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In 2013, as a result of a CommUNITY Gathering listening session, the No Boundaries Coalition identified public safety and police accountability as key issues in Central West Baltimore. That year, a committee began meeting to focus on improving these critical issues through a multi-pronged approach. Initially, the Coalition launched an 8-month campaign to win increased foot patrols along Pennsylvania Avenue, conducting letter writing, organizing residents, and meeting with City leadership. The Coalition also organized roundtable discussions between patrol officers and residents to improve police-community relations. In the years since, the Coalition has organized peace walks, marches and each year holds a National Night Out block party to promote public safety. Starting in December 2014, the Coalition held additional listening sessions which resulted in the report “Over-Policed, Yet Underserved: The People’s Findings Regarding Police Misconduct in West Baltimore.” Coming in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the Baltimore Police Department, and the subsequent Department of Justice investigation into the policing practices of the Department, the Coalition’s work and report was incorporated as reference material in the Department of Justice’s own final report. From partnership directly with the Department of Justice, the Coalition, led by Chief Executive Officer Ray Kelly, has taken a leading role in the writing of the Consent Decree between the U.S. Department of Justice and Baltimore City.


Read more about how the Coalition’s work on the Consent Decree and the Community Oversight Task Force.

Youth Organizing

No Boundaries Youth Organizers (NbYO)

Each Saturday from 1:30 pm-4:30 pm


No Boundaries Youth Organizers (NbYO) — formerly Baltimore Youth Organizing Project or BYOP — is a youth-led advocacy group sponsored by No Boundaries Coalition that advocates for youth engagement around the issues that affect youth the most.  NbYO seeks to capture the needs of Baltimore’s often overlooked youth and turn them into actionable policy that will enhance the quality of life for citizens aged 13–21. NbYO operates along with the Baltimore City Public Schools calendar year and instructs members on the basics of community organizing. Members of NbYO will work in a team of their peers supervised by Coalition staff and adult community leaders to identify and implement strategic solutions to the issues that most affect Baltimore’s youth.

Health & Food Justice



Our health committee identified the need to increase access to healthy food after a listening campaign with residents. Residents are frustrated by the food environment in Central West Baltimore and would like more place to purchase low-cost, high-quality produce. We mapped every place in 21217 where residents can purchase fresh produce vs where residents can purchase hard liquor. The ratio is 10 to 1. In Sandtown, the ratio is 16 to 0. Since identifying this priority issue, the Coalition has surveyed and interviewed over 300 residents about what food they would like in their neighborhood. We have had an overwhelmingly consistent response: residents want access to low-cost, high-quality produce. To test resident interest in low-cost, high-quality produce we organized a pop-up produce market on Pennsylvania Ave. The market was successful and sold out. Since then, we have built on the market’s success to bring long-term solutions to our food desert by improving the existing food retail infrastructure.


The No Boundaries Coalition has recruited and engaged 9 resident food advocates and 3 other active volunteers. Through our partnership with the Baltimore City Health Department, 4 local corner stores are stocking healthier foods. The Coalition has held a photo shoot and designed an ad campaign that will launch in fall 2015 to support the new foods in the corner stores.


Identifying and training 15 resident healthy food advocates through a community-wide listening campaign, health committee meetings, and leadership training.

Sponsor a family to participate in the newly formed Central West Baltimore Buying Club.

Become a Food Advocate

Launching a produce stand at the Avenue market through a series of programs called “Fresh Beets”. On Saturdays this fall residents will be able to purchase low-cost, high-quality produce, attend cooking demonstrations and enjoy free music. The program is a building block towards a permanent produce stand at the Avenue Market.


Working with four local store owners to stock and promote low-cost produce by creating a produce buying collective through a wholesale company.


Creating and distribute a healthy eating ad campaign through in-store posters and an MTA bus campaign.


Creating a “Double Your Dollars” program for EBT/SNAP customers for produce purchases in local corner stores.

Civic Culture


Monthly Membership Meetings

Every second Tuesday of the month No Boundaries Coalition holds open membership meetings at St. Peter Claver Church (1526 N. Fremont Ave) from 6:00pm–8:00pm. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at this time we are meeting virtually. Please visit our Events page for up-to-date information. Join us learn more about us and to find out how you can get more involved!