Block Captain’s Boot Camp Program

Block Captain’s Boot Camp Program

The Block Captain’s Boot Camp is a leadership program, designed to give residents knowledge and skills to organize in their community around issues that are important to them.

The No Boundaries Block Captain’s Boot Camp takes place weekly, in a three hour classroom session over a twelve (12) week period. Participants will also need to earn an additional 24 hours of volunteer service in order to successfully complete the Block Captain’s Boot Camp.

The Block Captain’s Boot Camp training will give participants a deep understanding of the local and state legislative process, its players, and the larger systems of power in which they operate. During the training, participants will explore structural racism, its relationship with systems of power, and how communities can be organized to push back.

Completing the Program

Upon completion of the 12-week session, graduates will be eligible to apply for a mini-grant to implement a community project for positive change in their neighborhood or gain additional training to further a career in their issue choice.

In addition to grounding participants in power dynamics, The Block Captain’s Boot Camp will build tangible organizing skills that will allow Block Captains to complete the following task including:

• Registering to vote, registering others to vote, & understand the importance of voting

• Attend an issue related or 21217 related meeting on behalf of No Boundaries

• Attend & invite a neighbor to a No Boundaries monthly membership meeting

• Participants will develop a personal introduction (story-of-self) that can be used for one-on-ones, presentations, or to organize members for a cause

• Develop a service learning project & be able to submit a 311 ticket,

• Phone, email, or meet with at least one elected official

• Running effective one-on-ones and group meetings with peers and policymakers

• Canvassing for data collection, signature gathering, and persuasion

Terms & Compensation

The fall cohort will start October 7th and will be held every Thursday from 6pm–9pm until January 11th, with some changes to the schedule because of holidays. Block Captain’s Boot Camp participants will graduate with a certificate for completing at least 50 total hours of service and training, a swag bag, and up to a $650 stipend. Participants must meet all requirements to be eligible for the stipend at the midway and end of the program. Stipends will be distributed once a month based on attendance, and completion of volunteer hours in a timely manner.